2013 February Meeting Notes

2013 February Meeting Notes

On February 11, 2013, UCDW endorsed the LGBT Equality Pledge and officially partnered with the Hudson Valley Progressives.

Pledge for Full LGBT Equality

With this Pledge, we call upon our friends, our neighbors, and our elected officials to lead the way toward full equality for LGBT Americans.

Each week, each month, and each year that we wait means kids being bullied in their schools, workers being fired for who they are, couples being separated by unfair immigration laws, and families being labeled as “less than” their neighbors.

To change this we must bring the entire issue of our inequality and the psychological harm we endure to an inescapable awareness. Simply put, we need to call the question and this Pledge is designed to do exactly that.

History will judge not simply whether we make all Americans equal under the law, but also the expediency of doing so. We must live up to that challenge, and do so without delay.

Please SIGN THE PLEDGE and then put the Pledge to work in your community, political party, or organization. The time for equality has come, and with a collective voice and focused effort, we can usher in its arrival together.