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June Meeting

Dear Dems:

I want to thank the members that showed up for the Pride March. If we want victory, It is important that we work together; and it was festive and fun!!!
Our June monthly meeting will be on June 11, 2018 at 6:30 pm at Democratic HQ.,
275 Fair St in Kingston.
We will be discussing the petitioning process and GOTV.
The upcoming congressional primary is June 26, 2018
Our guest will be Family court Judge in Albany County, Peggy Walsh.  She is running for State Supreme Court. Come and hear her platform.
Gladys I Figueroa
Chair – UCDW

April Meeting

Dear Dems:

Our April monthly meeting will be on April 9th at 6:30pm at the Dem Hqtrs 275 Fair Street, Kingston NY. suite # 17E
We will have three (3) candidates that are up for election in November presenting their platform:
Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, Assembly District 103
Jen Metzger who is running for state Senator District 42
Juan Figueroa (No relation) who is running for Ulster County Sheriff
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Gladys I Figueroa
Chair – UCDW
“You will face many defeats in your Life, but never let yourself be defeated.”
Maya Angelou

Poll results from NY-19 Debate

To the Community-at-Large, CD#19:

Please read below the Results for the Ballot Tally conducted by the Campaign Committee of the Ulster County Democratic Women:

Summarized by Terry Lover, Co-Captain of the Ballot Poll Team:

These results were compiled from survey responses gathered from attendees at a Democratic candidate’s debate on February 4, 2018 in Woodstock N.Y.  Data was tabulated by recording the number of votes each participant received for places 1 through 6 in the debate.  The percent of the total vote that each participant received was calculated for each position, 1 through 6.  Percent values were rounded to the nearest whole number percent.

The results of this poll show that, among the 6 debate participants, Jeff Beals received 27%(50/185) of the 1st place votes, compared to 18%(33/185) for both David Clegg and Antonio Delgado, 15%(27/185) for Brian Flynn, 12%(22/185) For Gareth Rhodes, and 11%20/185) for Pat Ryan.  Pat Ryan received 28%(52/185) of the 6th place ballots while Jeff Beals received 24%(44/185) of the 6th place votes.

In the 2nd place through 5th place positions, Gareth Rhodes received 23%(43/185) of the 2nd place votes, Brian Flynn received 23%(42/185) of the 3rd place votes, Antonio Delgado received 21%(38/185) of the 4th place ballots, Gareth Rhodes received 22%(40/185) of the 5th place votes, and Pat Ryan received 21%(22/185) of the 5th place ballots.

Final recording and calculation of the ballot count was completed on February 10, 2018.

Terry Lover                                                       

Co-Captain, Ballot Team                                                                                                 

Thank you for your continued interest.  Please bear in mind this poll is one of several, and purposed as instructional use to our candidates and to aid the voters awareness of Row A Congressional candidates

NY-19 Congressional Candidate Debate

Dear Community-At-Large, CD#19 NY,

            On behalf of the Campaign Committee of the Ulster County Democratic Women, THANK YOU for your attendance and participation at the Congressional Debate CD#19 this past Sunday in Woodstock.

            We had  662, standing room only, attendees in the community center, 200 viewers via Facebook in real time at a nearby eatery, Maria’s Bazar Café and local residents watching public access TV/Facebook at home in addition to the thousands of friends and neighbors throughout CD#19 logging onto Facebook.

            The poll taken after the debate has been tabulated.  The team will review the tally and the results will be posted on Facebook, email and to the media on or before Wednesday, Feb. 14th.

            Special KUDOS : Denning, Hurley, Olive, Shandaken and Woodstock Democratic committees for their sponsorship.  TheTechnical Crew:   Tom Whigham: TV Control Room Engineer, Producer and Videographer; Kerry Muldoon:  Sound System Control; Ellen Povill:  Producer, Videograher for the towns: Olive, Shandaken & Woodstock; Mary Anne Wrolsen:  Producer, Videograher for the Town of Saugerties – sponsored by County Legislator Joe Maloney; Mike Lourenso, Timekeeper.  Ballot Monitors: Linda & Terry Lover, Captains for the ballot tally; Reginald Earls, Gladys Figueroa, Rose Anne Guerrieri and Kerry Muldoon.  Communication Coordinator –Liam Kahn for the Campaign Committee of UCDW.

               REMINDER:  Petitioning begins on March 6thWe encourage everyone to collect signatures on a petition to help get our candidates on the Primary Ballot.  Please contact the candidate of your choice and volunteer. 

            Jeff Beals      

            Dave Clegg    

            Antonio Delgado

            Brian Flynn 

            Gareth Rhodes

            Pat Ryan        


             UNITED WE WILL WIN.

                                                                Otia Lee,

                                                                Campaign Committee Chair

                                                                 Ulster County Dem Women

January Meeting

Hello All:
I hope your holidays are full of good health, cheer and plenty of Love.
Our next meeting will be January 8th, 2018 at 6:30 pm.  We will be meeting at
We will discuss and set forth our agenda for 2018 including fundraising.
Gladys I Figueroa
UCDW – Chair
Following is message from our Campaign Chair, Otia Lee
Happy Holidays to All and a very big Thank You to the wonderful, tireless, persistent and effective volunteers helping with the 20l7 elections. We look forward to continuing our mission: pro-active resistance to protect and win back our democracy!United We Stand,
Otia Lee, Campaign Chair/UCDW

Post Election Thanks!

I would like to thank all the candidates that worked so hard during this race.  In general we did very well throughout the country.  It has also been a victory for diversity throughout our country and in our county with our first Afro American Legislator, Mr. Julius Collins. I am very happy for all that won. For the few of us that did not make it I will use Maya Angelou’s  famous quote that I like so much
“You will face many defeats in your Life, but never let yourself be defeated”.
I would especially like to thank Ms. Otia Lee and the many volunteers that gave so selflessly of their time.
On another note I am also writing to inform you that we will not be having a meeting this month as I am taking a trip to Puerto Rico.  I am leaving tomorrow morning. I need to see what is going on there personally. I also need a big break from politics as I know many of you need as well.   We will meet again on our next meeting  date of December 11, 2017.
Strength and Peace Always
Gladys I Figueroa
Chair – UCDW
“You will face many defeats in your Life, but never let yourself be defeated.”

Full GOTV Mode!

Starting this Monday 10/23 until November 7th we are on full GOTV mode.
Members of our committee will be at the Kingston Democratic Headquarters
at Broadway and Cedar  3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
1-5pm.  Please do whatever you are able to do to support your candidates.
Bring your cellphones and help with the democratic cause.
We must turn Ulster Blue. We must reject any politics of Division and Bigotry.
Gladys I Figueroa
Chair – UCDW


It has been confirmed that Rev. Collins of Ellenville will be addressing the group on Monday the 9th.  I would like to also remind all candidates to please bring your call lists to the meeting.
Looking for to seeing you there.

Gladys I Figueroa
UCDW – Chair
Our next monthly meeting will be on 10/09/2017 at 6:30pm at 759 Broadway. Our main concern at this point is to get out the vote (GOTV). That office will be open daily Mon – Fri until election day. We will be asking for volunteers to staff the office a few days a week. All candidates are responsible for their own phone lists. If you want calls to be made for you please bring your lists.
We will also have a discussion on Proposition #1 The constitutional convention and referendums 1 & 2 which will be on the ballots on November 7th.
I have invited Julius Collins of Ellenville to address the group.  Many of us made calls for him for the primary and he did very well.  We need to get him and the rest of our candidates elected.  We have a bunch of great candidates including myself here in Plattekill.   We must come together/work together as ONE.
As Democrats we need to be inspired and sparked up…
Light the fire!!!
Gladys I Figueroa
UCDW – Chair

Primary GOTV

Dear Members:
Due to the primary on September 12, 2017 we will not be having our regular monthly meeting.  We will however be having phone banking for all Democratic candidates on the day of the meeting and everyday up until the primary. Phone banking will be held at 579 Broadway from 6-9 pm.  Please feel free to drop by during those hours.  There will also be weekend hours; when I receive that information, I will gladly share.
If you would like to further volunteer your time to do some phone banking, please call our Campaign Chair, Otia Lee 845 688 2866.
This is the time to step up and show support for all our local  candidates. Please find your best way to support them.
Gladys I Figueroa
UCDW – Chair