EPA drops Wyoming Fracking Study

EPA drops Wyoming Fracking Study


This week the EPA dumped its study of aquifer contamination in Pavillion, WY. Now the study is being handed over to EnCana – the very drilling company whose wells may have caused the contamination!

The EPA caved to the oil & gas industry, abandoning a study whose preliminary findings showed local water contamination from fracking fluid in Pavillion, Wyoming.

The study, which had been undergoing peer review until this week, would likely have shown what we’ve already known for some time: that fracking contaminates local waterways and threatens the health and well-being of communities.

To make matters worse, the replacement study will be funded by Encana, the gas company whose wells are under investigation.

Please take action and ask President Obama to re-open the Pavillion investigation, and protect our communities from fracking contamination at: