January Meeting and More…

Dear Democrats


The U.C. Democratic Women’s Committee and our Campaign Committee will convene on Jan. 14th,   details to follow.  We are on a short break till the New Year and shall continue with the “Blue Wave” mission; prepare for 2019 elections and will put forth issues & legislation pertaining to Ulster county and NY state.

The Campaign Committee would like to reiterate a hearty Thank You! to all the dedicated volunteers  in Ulster county and our friends and neighbors helping throughout CD#19 in  a vigorous campaign  to help restore democracy and electing Congressman-elect Antonio Delgado.  The victories with State Senator-elect Jen Metzger, State Senator-elect James Skoufis, reelection of  Assembly member Kevin Cahill and our new  U.C. Sheriff Juan Figueroa are a testament of the “Blue Wave”…  we anticipate our wave to continue well into the year 2020.

G O O D   N E W S   !!!


Last Monday, the Democratic caucus in the U.C. Legislature was emboldened with a one vote advantage, they decided to initiate action to reclaim the majority position by  waging a challenge to the GOP leadership.   The Dem caucus voted and put forth:  Hector Rodriquez for Chairman of the Legislature, Jonathan Heppner for Majority Leader and Lynn Eckert for Majority Whip.   Our Dem candidates will challenge the current GOP leadership on Jan. 7th in a floor vote.  Note: other leadership positions – Vice Chair and chairpersons for various committees will be appointed by the Chairperson of the legislative body.


U.C. Democratic Women enthusiastically support the Dem caucus’ initiative to reclaim the majority.   We  will encourage the voters to contact their legislator to vote YES TO RECLAIM THE MAJORITY.   We encourage every legislator to be true blue.


We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday.


In Solidarity,


Gladys I Figueroa

Chair – UCDW


Otia Lee
Chair, Campaign Committee UCDW
845 688 2866

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