NY-19 Congressional Candidate Debate

Dear Community-At-Large, CD#19 NY,

            On behalf of the Campaign Committee of the Ulster County Democratic Women, THANK YOU for your attendance and participation at the Congressional Debate CD#19 this past Sunday in Woodstock.

            We had  662, standing room only, attendees in the community center, 200 viewers via Facebook in real time at a nearby eatery, Maria’s Bazar Café and local residents watching public access TV/Facebook at home in addition to the thousands of friends and neighbors throughout CD#19 logging onto Facebook.

            The poll taken after the debate has been tabulated.  The team will review the tally and the results will be posted on Facebook, email and to the media on or before Wednesday, Feb. 14th.

            Special KUDOS : Denning, Hurley, Olive, Shandaken and Woodstock Democratic committees for their sponsorship.  TheTechnical Crew:   Tom Whigham: TV Control Room Engineer, Producer and Videographer; Kerry Muldoon:  Sound System Control; Ellen Povill:  Producer, Videograher for the towns: Olive, Shandaken & Woodstock; Mary Anne Wrolsen:  Producer, Videograher for the Town of Saugerties – sponsored by County Legislator Joe Maloney; Mike Lourenso, Timekeeper.  Ballot Monitors: Linda & Terry Lover, Captains for the ballot tally; Reginald Earls, Gladys Figueroa, Rose Anne Guerrieri and Kerry Muldoon.  Communication Coordinator –Liam Kahn for the Campaign Committee of UCDW.

               REMINDER:  Petitioning begins on March 6thWe encourage everyone to collect signatures on a petition to help get our candidates on the Primary Ballot.  Please contact the candidate of your choice and volunteer. 

            Jeff Beals                info@bealsforcongress.com

            Dave Clegg              info@davecleggforcongress.com

            Antonio Delgado  info@delgadoforcongress.com

            Brian Flynn           info@brianflynn.us

            Gareth Rhodes     info@garethrhodes.com

            Pat Ryan                  pat@patryanforcongress.com


             UNITED WE WILL WIN.

                                                                Otia Lee, Otia@otialee.com

                                                                Campaign Committee Chair

                                                                 Ulster County Dem Women

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