Poll results from NY-19 Debate

To the Community-at-Large, CD#19:

Please read below the Results for the Ballot Tally conducted by the Campaign Committee of the Ulster County Democratic Women:

Summarized by Terry Lover, Co-Captain of the Ballot Poll Team:

These results were compiled from survey responses gathered from attendees at a Democratic candidate’s debate on February 4, 2018 in Woodstock N.Y.  Data was tabulated by recording the number of votes each participant received for places 1 through 6 in the debate.  The percent of the total vote that each participant received was calculated for each position, 1 through 6.  Percent values were rounded to the nearest whole number percent.

The results of this poll show that, among the 6 debate participants, Jeff Beals received 27%(50/185) of the 1st place votes, compared to 18%(33/185) for both David Clegg and Antonio Delgado, 15%(27/185) for Brian Flynn, 12%(22/185) For Gareth Rhodes, and 11%20/185) for Pat Ryan.  Pat Ryan received 28%(52/185) of the 6th place ballots while Jeff Beals received 24%(44/185) of the 6th place votes.

In the 2nd place through 5th place positions, Gareth Rhodes received 23%(43/185) of the 2nd place votes, Brian Flynn received 23%(42/185) of the 3rd place votes, Antonio Delgado received 21%(38/185) of the 4th place ballots, Gareth Rhodes received 22%(40/185) of the 5th place votes, and Pat Ryan received 21%(22/185) of the 5th place ballots.

Final recording and calculation of the ballot count was completed on February 10, 2018.

Terry Lover                                                       

Co-Captain, Ballot Team                                                                                                           ltlov93@gmail.com

Thank you for your continued interest.  Please bear in mind this poll is one of several, and purposed as instructional use to our candidates and to aid the voters awareness of Row A Congressional candidates

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