Post Election Thanks!

I would like to thank all the candidates that worked so hard during this race.  In general we did very well throughout the country.  It has also been a victory for diversity throughout our country and in our county with our first Afro American Legislator, Mr. Julius Collins. I am very happy for all that won. For the few of us that did not make it I will use Maya Angelou’s  famous quote that I like so much
“You will face many defeats in your Life, but never let yourself be defeated”.
I would especially like to thank Ms. Otia Lee and the many volunteers that gave so selflessly of their time.
On another note I am also writing to inform you that we will not be having a meeting this month as I am taking a trip to Puerto Rico.  I am leaving tomorrow morning. I need to see what is going on there personally. I also need a big break from politics as I know many of you need as well.   We will meet again on our next meeting  date of December 11, 2017.
Strength and Peace Always
Gladys I Figueroa
Chair – UCDW
“You will face many defeats in your Life, but never let yourself be defeated.”

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