UCDW Campaign Committee “Clarion Call for Action”

Dear Fellow Democrats:

                 The Campaign Committee of the U.C. Democratic Women’s Committee

will convene on:

Monday, April 10th, 6:30 pm Sharp

275 Fair Street, Suite ​#17 Kingston

All concerned members, non members, candidates seeking elected
office are invited.

The Campaign Committee’s purpose is to support candidates.
As Chairperson of our group, I see the need to be M O R E  pro active.  My activism
and experience in legislation and electoral politics since 1967 in NYC, 20 years in
Ulster County, compels me to build a strong, skilled, indomitable Democratic Party apparatus
to be able to meet any campaign challenges; and to cause and affect policies, issues of concern
in our community, counties, State and Nation.

If you agree, please answer this “Clarion Call for Action”.

A strong, determined and skilled Democratic Apparatus
will not be defeated!

In solidarity,

Otia Lee

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