Ulster County Executive “2014 Public Official of the Year”

I want to take this special moment to thank you for your amazing support and the inspiration you provide everyday to both myself and my entire administration. We have embraced innovation and change from the very beginning in our efforts to reform and improve county government and deliver the level of high quality services the great citizens of Ulster County so justly deserve.
As a result of that commitment to reform and your support in the process, I have been fortunate to be named, among only eight others nationally, as a "2014 Public Official of the Year" by Governing Magazine and the only County Executive selected in the entire United States. 

Governing Magazine is the leading national publication covering state and local government politics, policies and programs and each year honors a select number of state, city or county government officials for leadership and excellence. I am especially proud of the progressive accomplishments we have achieved together in the face of major challenges while still ensuring more essential services than ever before.

I firmly believe that government can and should be a positive force for good and so we will continue to identify and implement creative solutions that help make Ulster County a model government that every citizen can be proud of. I am thrilled to share this honor with you, our entire community and everyone who has helped move our county forward, because it is only through your support that this progress and this recognition are made possible. 

Thank you. 
Mike Hein

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